Please note all chicks are sold either at 1-2 weeks old, or 2-3 weeks old. Prices are in South African Rands are inclusive of VAT but exclusive of any shipping (Discount for 50 or more).

Please remember that if we are shipping your order, we are shipping living creatures. We will not ship your order until we have had verbal confirmation  over the phone that there will be someone available to receive your order when it arrives.

Please note! Many shipping and courier companies will not accept live stock for shipping.

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chickens-21-buff red 21-05-15

 Sussex Cocks Price as at 09-14 - CopySussex Cocks & Hens

Coloured Leghorn

Coloured Leghorn - hen on eggs Reduced

Buff Orpington - price as at 09-14Buff Orpington - cock and henPekin Bantam Price as at 09-14 (with writing)Discount for 50 or more (all breeds)


Temperature: Poultry Chicks need heating up to the age of 4 weeks depending on weather conditions. The best form of heating can be achieved with an Infra Red Heating Lamp ( approx 1 lamp per hundred chicks), the lamp should hang roughly 50 cm from the floor of whatever enclosure the chicks are housed in. Chicks should spread out evenly when the correct temperature has been reached; see diagram below. Feeding: Feed chicks starter crumble to 4 weeks. Growing Meal 1 -5 months, then Laying Pellets Water: A Clean source of drinking water must be available at all times; see diagram.


Clean dry bedding at all times, we recommend pine wood shavings. Bedding should be changed every 2 to 3 days

Photos by John Newton Photography http://


38 Responses to Chickens

  1. Morne says:

    Hi there.
    I would like to know how much will shipping cost to Rustenburg in the North West Province?
    I am really interested in your Polish Bantams.

    Morne Prinsloo

    • guineaglen says:

      Hi Morne , thank you for your inquiry , we use InterTown Transport (044) 878 1960 and Wendy there will give you an accurate costing , Mention Isabella from the Crags as the supplier and they will know exactly what to quote.
      Regards ,

    • guineaglen says:

      Hi Morne , sorry i missed your inquiry , in your case we would fly the chicks with SAA or Airlink to Johannesburg , The minimum charge is R250 per box which would take from 1 to 20 chicks .
      So it’s relatively expensive. Plus you still have to collect from the airport.
      Best wishes,

  2. Henrico says:

    Dear Isabelle,

    I have purchased some Rhode Island Whites from you in the past and would like to know if you have some of them available right now. If I can get some point of lay Rhode Island Whites I would be grateful. Please let me know.

  3. Benjamin says:

    To whom it may concern, i am interested in purchasing 4-5 hens from you for my school in Cape Town. We intend on rearing the chicks indoors and then introducing them outdoors when they are large enough. We have a beautiful vegetable garden with chicken coop alongside. Please could you give me some idea of the cost of sending 4-5 chicks to Cape Town (Constantia, Southern Suburbs). Also, i noticed the Polish Bantams do not eat plants, does that include vegetables? Can i assume that theother species will eat the vegetables? Looking forward to your reply. Regards, Benjamin

    • guineaglen says:

      Right Benjamin , firstly thank you for your inquiry , now at the age of two to three weeks it is virtually impossible to sex the chicks without huge expense so I cannot begin to undertake to supply 4 or 5 hens . What our clients do is to take a larger number and dispose of the unwanted roosters . This is not difficult to do and at a price of between R35.00 to R45.00 it helps to lower the original investment . (a commercial lesson thrown in) Well our Polish Bantams and Chickens have formed some sort of coalition ,they both will try the vegetables ,but do not seem to do too much damage. The cost of courier from us in Plettenberg Bay to the depot in Manhatton Road ,Airport Industria , for a box which takes from 1 to 30 chicks would be in the region of R100 to R150 .
      I hope this is of help ,you could forward a contact number and Isabella would be more than happy to phone you. Regards John

  4. Linda says:

    Hi Guineaglen! The chicks all arrived safe and sound and are absolute heartstealers. It is going to be very hard to get rid of any who turn out to be roosters! The black Polish bantams in particular are the cutest things I ever saw. I let them go into their coop (also sourced via Gumtree) on sunny days, which they love, and on other days the house is filled with the sounds of cheeping. We found the nearest co-op for feed and poultry supplies dealer so we’re good to go. Thanks so much.

  5. Lovely site… looking forward to meeting our chicks!

    • guineaglen says:

      Thank you Launa ,
      All credit for the site must go to Steven Grindlay , genius by profession ,raconteur of note , and a true expert on bizarre life experience . Look him up on the net , his blogs are something completely different . Should be a ” Legend in his own Lifestyle ” by now !
      Regards ,

  6. Mike says:

    I am interested in point of lay chickens. Do you sell them at that age. I am in KZN. Mike

    • guineaglen says:

      Hi Mike ,
      Sorry but no ,we do not sell point of lay , transport being only one of the problems . Let me do some research and see what I can find out ,if anyone in your area can help .
      Regards ,

  7. francois bruwer says:

    do you live near Paarl in the western cape.

    • guineaglen says:

      Hi Francois ,
      Sorry so late in getting back to you , computer did a ” Chernobyl Type Meltdown ” of note ! will e-mail reply as well . We are situated just outside of Plettenberg Bay.
      Regards ,

  8. francois bruwer says:

    please email back

  9. josh says:

    hi i a interested in your orpringtons

  10. shafiq says:

    hi midge
    i am in wynberg CT and would like 4 polish bantams , 2 white and 2 black , but not all roosters.
    can this be arranged at all ?

    • guineaglen says:

      Hi Shafiq ,
      Thank you ,yes we can help you ,I have just got back from Cape Town ,so give me a day and I will check stock ,then let you know what the situation is.
      Regards ,

    • guineaglen says:

      Hi Shafiq ,
      Sorry it has taken so long ,had to go to Cape Town urgently ,we will be able to help you in 3 weeks time ,I suggest you call Isabella on (044) 534 8524 or 083 962 7477 and she will make all the arrangements ,thanks .
      Regards ,

  11. craig says:

    hello would love some laying hens/ chicks, live in hermanus ….what would you advise…. want to fence off a large area for them complete with big dog kennel…. would this work?
    regards craig

    • guineaglen says:

      Hello Craig , thank you for your interest , if it is laying hens you are looking for then you really can’t go wrong with Rhode Island Reds or Koekoeks. The Buff Reds ( cross between Buff Orpingtons and R.I. Reds are also an option, these being quite a large chicken when fully grown . Common sense will prevail with the living area provided they love to free range and this certainly helps the diet. Once used to the accommodation they will return to roost in the evening. You will enjoy them and the characters that emerge .
      Regards ,

  12. Maureen says:

    Hi there,

    Sorry, one important point, I forgot to ask you whether the chickens are vaccinated?


    • guineaglen says:

      Hello Maureen ,
      Thank you for your interest ,what I do suggest is for you to forward a contact number preferably a landline and Isabella will be more than happy to phone you , much more direct than e-mail ,plus you can ask her for all the info you need. Her numbers are (044) 534 8524 or 083 962 7477 if you wish to phone her.
      Regards ,

    • guineaglen says:

      Hi Maureen,
      Isabella will fill you in on all the processes necessary ,in the chicken business

  13. Cara says:

    Hi there,
    Do you have polish bantams in stock at the moment, and if you do what colours do you have?
    I would also like to know if you ship to Upington and what the cost would be. Thank you!
    Kind regards,

  14. Janine Jacobs says:

    Hi, I am from Bloemfontein and are interested in koekoek hens. Can you tell if they are hens at 2-3 weeks of age and what are the cost of transporting them to Bloemfontien

    • guineaglen says:

      Hi Jannine , thank you for inquiry , I’m speaking under correction here but it would be in the region of R250 for a box which takes from 0 to 30 chicks to Bloem . What i strongly suggest is to contact Isabella on (044) 534 8524 or 083 962 7477 and she will give you all the relevant info. Secondly it is virtually impossible to sex the chicks at this age without huge expense and discomfort to the chicks. Let Isabella explain all the ins and outs of the question.

  15. Austin says:

    i will like to buy koekoek chicks.

  16. austin says:

    Plz contact me on e-mail, want to know more about shipping…

  17. keith says:

    Hi there. where about are you and are these chikens available

  18. Riaan du preez says:

    Hallo Isabella and John,

    I was wondering if you would sell me some eggs.. I have a small incubator and can not find any eggs in bellville, Cape Town… People dont seem to keep chickens in the suburbs anymore.
    Thanks for your attention to my mail.

    Regards Riaan

  19. Jo-Anne White I says:

    I live in Rustenburg in the North West Province is it possible for you to ship chickens & Guinea fowls & Quails to us? Your birds are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

  20. giovanni says:

    Hi john.

    We are driving up from noordhoek on 9 august 2014. We will stay in Plett until 12 August 2014. We want to take five of each of your 2-3week chickens on the 12th. How practical is this, as we do not have a bakkie and will only have one seat open on the back seat?


  21. Monique says:

    Hi there I’m interested in the polish bantam chicks but would like to know if you sell polend bantam chicks? If you can phone me on 084 802 6015. Regards Monique van Schalkwyk

  22. jc says:

    Hello aunt Isabella I am JC from the western cape what is the max chicks you can take

  23. claudette says:

    Hi can’t seem to find your physical address on my GPS. I have noted End-of-Road, off Redford Rd, The Crags, W.C., S.A.

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