Q: What are your prices?

Prices are shown on the images. Prices are inclusive of VAT but do not include shipping costs.

Q: Availability?

Generally Chickens are always available year round, other species vary depending on laying seasons and sales.

Q: Age of the chicks?

Except where indicated ( exotic waterfowl) stock are usually sold either at 1-2 weeks or 3-4 weeks old. Age may vary depending on laying seasons and availability.

Q: Do you handle the shipping arrangements?

Yes we handle all shipping nationwide from our end, please be advised that some areas are particularly difficult to ship to as not all shippers will accept live stock for transport. Please Note! We will not ship Living Creatures unless we have confirmed verbally that someone will be available to take possession of the order. If you want your order shipped please call us on any of our numbers (not email) to make arrangements. (see Contact Page)

Q: Do you ship outside South Africa?

No. Complex veterinary and quarantine requirements usually make shipping across international boundaries impractical.

Q: Can I place my order and pay later?

No. We prefer to receive payments with orders as we cannot, hold or guarantee your order without payment. Please Note! No orders will be shipped until fully paid for.( see Payment Details)

Q: Can I buy two Hens?

No . At this age it is virtually impossible to sex the chicks so you will get a mixture, under normal circumstances one would expect a 65 to 35 ratio of hens to cocks.




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