Water Fowl

All prices are in South African Rands are inclusive of VAT, but exclusive of any shipping charges. Please see the Payment Details page for terms and conditions.

Exotics (Wild Fowl)

Commercial Breeds (Lay All Year)


Please see: Chickens Page. Rearing  Tips, all species are reared in the same manner.


3 Responses to Water Fowl

  1. Midge van der walt 083 260 4849 says:

    Good day I am interested in purchasing chinese geese. I live in Pretoria. How do I go about it.

    • guineaglen says:

      Hi Midge ,
      Thank you for you for your interest , the geese are laying right now ,the only problem is transport to Pretoria , normally we would fly them to OR Tambo airport , but they have travel from us in Plettenberg Bay overnight in George and then fly the next day . Not a good idea the chickens can handle this with ease ,but the Geese will not. I really do not want to risk it . If there was an alternative way of getting them to you with some one who would look after them ,food and more especially water wise then we could help.

  2. 123hotdog321 says:

    Hi 🙂 What time of the year do Mandarin ducks lay? And do they lay on the ground like other ducks do?
    kindest regards

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